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To say that Topeka, Kansas is centrally located in the US would be somewhat of an understatement. Located right, smack in the center of the US and laying alongside the Kansas River, Topeka is somewhat of an undiscovered gem. Founded in 1854, this city in Western Kansas is a historian’s dream. With a beautiful environment consisting of stunning historical architecture alongside parks, museums and nature trails, it’s impossible not to feel at home in Topeka.

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Topeka has a rich history having being integral in the Civil Rights Movement and was actually founded by a group of anti-slavery activists. There is a site commemorating the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education victory that deemed that segregated schools were unconstitutional. Visit the Ward Meade Park which features a botanical garden, fountains and an old fashioned drug store, complete with soda fountain, alongside Old Prairie Town, a street of 19th century buildings to complete your journey back in time.

Topeka also has a thriving arts community with a multitude of Art Galleries, Theatres and Musical attractions in the form of both Opera and Symphony companies. In addition, the new North Topeka Arts District on the edge of the Kansas River, has brought a new lease of life to some of Topeka’s most historic buildings, as they’re reinvented in the form of Art Galleries and Antique shops.

Home of the first million dollar high school in 1931, with a population of only 128,000 as of 2013 and an average age of 39 years old, there is no better place to bring up a family than in Topeka. With Kansas’ Washburn University located just south of the College Hill neighborhood, costing only an average of $7,000 a year for local students, it’s an affordable college option for parents and with the University ranking at number 30 in US News Top 40 Public Universities it’s not a bad option at that. The University also came in the Top Ten of Central Midwest Universities

Did you also know that in 2010, Topeka was named one of the Top Ten places for this decade based on economic growth and prosperity by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine? A place for the future, indeed.

House prices average a very reasonable $95,000, and the typical commute being less than 15 minutes; that’s hard to beat. Professional Topeka Real Estate Agents with extensive knowledge of the area will be able to aid you in your search to find the home of your dreams. From the historic neighborhood of Potwin Place, known for its festive decorations during the holidays, to Collins Park neighborhood where every year people come from all over Topeka to celebrate in a giant Independence Day Party, there is a neighborhood in Topeka that’s just waiting to become your home. Get together with a Topeka Real Estate Agent who can help you find the perfect home for you.

Prices for detached properties in Topeka average around $115,000 whereas an apartment could cost only $50,000. Properties in Topeka range from Colonial Revival to Craftsman, from Prairie to Tudor, from Queen Anne to Italianate, to name but a few. No matter your budget or the style of home you are looking for, the right real estate agent will be able to help you find it in Topeka, Kansas.

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