Topeka Real Estate Market

When it comes to looking for a new home, the saying is true – “Location, location, location”. In Kansas, there are few better locations right now than Topeka. Not only do you have the benefit of lower home prices for fantastic houses, but the city offers a community you can be proud to be part of.

Topeka Homes

A Connected Community

Topeka offers a great deal to its community and takes pride in its arts and culture. A recent Artwalk and Art Crawl brought in $20m with $830,000 of that going to city revenue. Almost 650,000 people attended and this all lead to 480 sustained jobs. It is rare to find this information so readily available these days, but as you can see, the community is not just living in their homes in Topeka, but they are taking in the culture and community of Topeka.

A number of museums are also in Topeka such as the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, State Historical Society, Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn and a wide array of other attractions. Libraries give families, students, and individuals plenty to explore from traditional libraries to more specialized libraries such as the Washburn Law Library.

The city also makes sure to offer plenty of events for the community through the Shawnee County Parks and Recreation department. With 8k runs, Movie Under the Stars events and Smoke on the Water BBQ Competitions, you will have plenty of opportunities to get out and meet your neighbors and other community members.

A City on the Rise

Topeka is also working hard to ensure that the city does not let you down from aesthetics to services. With their 50/50 Sidewalk Repair initiative, Topeka is helping update and replace concrete and brick sidewalks by splitting the cost of repairs with property owners.

A Franchise Fee Credit Program also gives credit to homeowners for electric, gas, and water/waste. The earnings can be up to $175 per year per household to help reduce the cost of your annual bills.

Real Estate in Topeka

Topeka is also a safe city to live. With most types of crimes near the city including nothing more than theft, forgery or burglary, and on rare occasions at that, you can feel safe while you are exploring your new community.

Looking at reviews from parents about the schools in the area, both public and private, send a very positive not about the education system in the city. While many will look up school rankings, experienced parents tend to go by word of mouth or reviews from other parents. After all, looking at numbers and deciding if the school is right for your child is not as informative as getting word of mouth reviews from parents of students currently attending the school.

With average listing prices of $173,311 to $204,759 as of the time of this writing for the popular neighborhoods in Topeka, you aren’t just getting a great community with plenty of benefits, you are getting a great home at affordable prices. Topeka shines as a community focused city that hasn’t forgotten its roots but also has its eyes on the future.