Beginner Guitar Training Tips

The guitar is an amazing instrument that you can learn at any age. All it takes is focus, commitment, and the right training to get you playing. Here are some beginner guitar training tips to help you master this instrument.

Learn Music Theory
Get some music theory lessons to enhance your creativity. Guitar playing is much more fun when you know what you are doing. Spend some time on theory before you start playing to help you master the guitar within a shorter period. Learn music notation and chord charts. The theory can also make it easy for you to write songs and play them.

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

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Practice Regularly
Guitar playing requires finger-brain coordination and this takes a lot of practice. Set aside at least half an hour or an hour to practice each day. You need to be persistent. Playing the guitar is like forming a habit, which takes time. Spend as much time as possible practicing different chords and scales until you get things right.

Find a Suitable Guitar
You need the right instrument to learn how to play. Find an acoustic or electric guitar depending on your music preferences. Carry out research to determine the best guitar for you. Consult people who play the instrument or a professional sales person to help you out.

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Listen Keenly
Listening is one of the most essential skills for a beginner. Listen keenly to other guitarists on albums or live shows to become an amazing player. Take note of the kind of guitar they are playing and the notes it produces. Pay attention to their tones.

Listen to your instrument as you practice. You should be able to pick up mistakes or an out of tune guitar. Your strings should be clear and chords and notes even. Listening will help you identify errors and make it easy to work on your tone.

Learn how to identify intervals and the way diverse chords sound. You can imitate popular recording to enhance your listening skills. It is also important to learn different songs using your ears. Deconstruct the sound you hear to make it easy to play them.

Master Basic Skills Accurately
Guitar playing involves a variety of skills. Take some time to master the basics. Find an online course, book or instructor to help you out. Learn about chords, notes, leads, picking, and strumming. It may time some time to master them but it will be worth it when you can play an entire song on your instrument.

Learn how to use the right fingers when playing scales and chords. Take note of the right way to hold your instrument. Your guitar should always be at the right angle.

Stay Motivated
Playing the guitar can be challenging, making it necessary to identify ways to remain motivated. You may sound terrible to begin with but things will improve with time if you remain committed. Set some short term goals to motivate yourself. Identify ways to reward yourself after attaining each goal.

Learning the guitar does not have to be a frustrating experience. Take advantage of these beginner guitar training tips to enhance your skills. Join a program such as Guitar Tricks to enhance your guitar playing skills.

Best Dab Pipes

You would obviously want to lay your hands on the best dab pipe money can buy, that is if you are into dabbing. The cannabis and tobacco industry is teeming with great pipes. But not all of these pipes are ideal for you. The right one for you is determined by your personal preferences. For example, people who dab on the go will prefer compact-sized and concealable dab pipes. However, there are general desirable qualities you should be looking for in a dab pipe. The qualities are enumerated below:

Dab Pipes


The ideal dab pipe is one that will permit you to enjoy your herbs for a good time before it breaks. Dab pipes that will break after a week are usually a rip off- and they are not a good investment. It is, therefore, prudent to spend a few more cents if that is the only way you can get a high quality and durable dab pipe. Experience has shown that dab pipes constructed of thick borosilicate glass are great as their material is strong and they can’t break easily.

Compactness and Concealability

Many dabbers choose to dab on the go. If you are one of the dabbers who prefer to dab on the go, then you’d want a dab pipe that is compact in size and that is concealable. You don’t want a big dab pipe that will jut out of your pockets or traveling bags or carry-ons. Look for one that you can easily stash or conceal in a carry-on or traveling bag. Such compact and concealable pipes ease the process of dabbing- this means it will be convenient to dab at any opportunity you get. Elaborate dab pipes usually don’t afford users the privilege.

The dab pipe needs to be presentable and functional

To most people, dabbing is a social activity. As such, the dab pipe you choose shouldn’t draw negative attention. It is very crucial to get a beautiful dab pipe that will get you approval from your social circles and that will turn heads in every social event you go to. The experience of dabbing, which should be pleasant on, can be sullied or ruined if the dabbing pipe you are using looks grotesque and dated.

Reasonable Price

Generally, dab pipes aren’t expensive. You can and will get a top of the range dab pipe at a reasonable price. Therefore, you don’t need to shell out lots of money to have a high-quality and presentable dab pipe. All you need to do is to shop widely, compare prices, and pick the best price for value.

Also, avoid very cheap dab pipes. As the adage goes, ‘when the deal is too good, then think twice.’ Most high-quality dab pipes are not offered at super low prices.

Buy from trusted brands

In the commercial world, anyone can claim to be an expert in something even when their know-how in that particular thing is really wanting. Some unscrupulous companies may create counterfeit knockoff dab pipe name brands to hoodwink customers. Therefore, be sure that the dab pipe is authentic and is not a counterfeit of an original. If you want to buy a new brand, look it up online to see customer reviews of the new brand.

Dab Rig Selection Tips

Buying your first dab rig can either be an exhilarating experience or a loathsome one depending on if you know how to select the right dab rig for yourself. Below are handy tips that can help you to select the best dab rig for you:

Dab Rigs

The best things often come in small packages

If you want a better overall flavor, then you should get a smaller mouthpiece, according to dab pundits. Studies show that the smaller the mouthpiece, the more potent the hit. Unlike smoke which is produced when weed is smoked in a bong, the cannabis oil vapor released in a dab usually begins to dissipate immediately after release; therefore, if you want a potent vapor by the time you inhale it, opt for a large dab rig.

A wet rig

Some manufacturers design their dab rigs to be used dry. However, seasoned users of dab rigs usually prefer wet rigs. A wet rig, like a bong, holds water in the bottom of it. The water is very crucial as it pulls the heated vapors through before they reach your mouth. Note that you need to heat the cannabis oil to very high and steady heat; therefore, it is wise to let the vapor cool off a bit before ingesting the concentrate.

While you look for a dab that uses water to cool off vapors before you ingest them, try to select a pipe that doesn’t feature too much filtration or percolation. A pipe with 2 to 4 holes in the percolator is ideal. Less percolation means there won’t be too much disturbance in the water which may cause the dab vapors to dissipate faster.

Glass Dab Rig

To ensure long life, try to buy the highest quality glass dab rig within your budget range. It is noteworthy that dab rigs are usually in two categories: those that are aesthetically designed and those that are constructed for maximum quality. The irony is that most people end up spending lots of money on the aesthetically designed dab rigs more than the dab rigs constructed for maximum quality. The reason for this is that the glass blower takes precious time and rare skill to design a dab rig featuring beautiful and colorful patterns. While most folks are usually carried away with dab rigs that emphasize form over function, truth is that the no-frills options are the ones that give maximum flavor and potency.

Thankfully, you can have a bit of both worlds. Nowadays there are dabs that are of high quality which still feature some artistry on them. And they are usually made of glass. Look for a glass dab rig, but, inspect it first to ascertain it doesn’t have any nicks and cracks.

Domed Dab Rigs

When shopping for a dab, you’ll learn that some have nails with domes while some don’t. Domed nails are a lot safer. Also, they help to retain vapor so a person can inhale a lot of it as is practically possible. Besides, the glass dome appears pretty and covers the nail well. Therefore, it is wise to opt for a dab featuring a domed nail.

Kansas Hummingbird Species

Hummingbirds are quite common in Kansas and have become a popular attraction in the state, as we all know bird-watching is one of the amazing delights of nature which can be enjoyed for free. Kansas hummingbirds are very exciting, active and portray a variety of social interactions, which various groups of people including bird-watchers and naturalists find quite interesting. These colorful birds enthrall many people by their beauty and their remarkable ability to hover in one place simply by flapping their wings.

The most common species of hummingbirds found in the state of Kansas is the ruby-throated hummingbird, native to Acapulco. It nests in the woodland parks as well as along streams and is mostly found in the eastern half of the state, although the migration path leads all the way to Acapulco. There are many other species of hummingbirds found in the sunflower state as you will see later on. However, they are usually quite rare and can only be seen during the migration season which begins in mid April and ends in late October.

Other Varieties Of Kansas Hummingbirds

1) Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Popularly known as “feisty,” the Rufous posses the ideal size-to-weight ratio among Kansas hummingbirds. Weighing less than 3.5 g, it is about 8 cm long with a long, straight and slender beak. This magnificent bird is certainly more fascinating than all other species. It is known for its remarkable flight skills, with an incredible capability to cover beyond 2,000 miles during migration. You can easily attract it to your garden by planting a feeder that is filled with a blend of mostly grains.

2) Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Black Chinned Hummingbird

The black-chinned hummingbird is another rare species of hummingbirds that can be spotted in many parts of Kansas. It is very adaptable, occupying an extensive range of habitats from pristine natural areas to urban areas to recently disturbed habitats. However, you will only have the bird as your guest for a short period as it rarely remains longer than a day at a feeder even when food is scarce. Just like its cousins, it weighs less than 3.5 g; it is migratory and tends to spend most of its winter in Mexico.

3) Allen’s Hummingbird

Allens Hummingbird

Allen’s hummingbird is a rare species of hummingbird that you can encounter in the state of Kansas by chance during the birds’ migration season. The bird is very tiny and one of the most difficult-to-see Kansas hummingbirds. In fact a mature adult reaches not more than 3.5 inches long. The male has a green forehead and back, with reddish-brown sides, rear, and tail. His throat is also an iridescent orange-red. The female and young Allen’s hummingbirds are similarly colored, only that they have a series of speckles on their throats instead of the iridescent throat patch. Breeding male and female Allen’s Hummingbirds have different habitat preferences. The former sets up a territory overlooking open areas of coastal scrub vegetation, where he tends to perch on exposed leafless branches in a way that attracts attention of females. The former builds its nest in sites within more densely vegetated areas as well as forests.

4) Calliope Hummingbird

Calliope Hummingbird

Weighing not more than 2.83 g, the calliope hummingbird is one of the smallest hummingbirds native to Kansas and some bordering states. This colorful and fascinating hummingbird species normally sets up a habitat in hilly or mountains areas, and although it often forages within 5 feet off the ground, it has been seen as high as 11,000 feet. The Calliope hummingbird establishes its home over creeks, often repairing the previous year’s nest or constructing a new one on top of the old one. Unlike other humming bird species, it might not be easy to attract the bird to your garden so you can get a closer look at it.

Kansas hummingbirds offer one of the greatest bird watching experiences. They come in a wide range of magnificent colors. Interestingly, these birds posses an extraordinary ability to hover in mid-air as they feed from the hummingbird feeders placed in your backyard or nectar of flowers. Even if you do not have a yard, you can be feeding them using window hummingbird feeders which have been specifically designed for that purpose.

Do not use pesticides around hummingbird plants; otherwise the chemicals may contaminate the garden and thereby killing the birds. Also, do not kill garden pests as this will get rid of the small insects hummingbirds depend on for nourishment.

Topeka Real Estate Agents

To say that Topeka, Kansas is centrally located in the US would be somewhat of an understatement. Located right, smack in the center of the US and laying alongside the Kansas River, Topeka is somewhat of an undiscovered gem. Founded in 1854, this city in Western Kansas is a historian’s dream. With a beautiful environment consisting of stunning historical architecture alongside parks, museums and nature trails, it’s impossible not to feel at home in Topeka.

Real Estate

Topeka has a rich history having being integral in the Civil Rights Movement and was actually founded by a group of anti-slavery activists. There is a site commemorating the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education victory that deemed that segregated schools were unconstitutional. Visit the Ward Meade Park which features a botanical garden, fountains and an old fashioned drug store, complete with soda fountain, alongside Old Prairie Town, a street of 19th century buildings to complete your journey back in time.

Topeka also has a thriving arts community with a multitude of Art Galleries, Theatres and Musical attractions in the form of both Opera and Symphony companies. In addition, the new North Topeka Arts District on the edge of the Kansas River, has brought a new lease of life to some of Topeka’s most historic buildings, as they’re reinvented in the form of Art Galleries and Antique shops.

Home of the first million dollar high school in 1931, with a population of only 128,000 as of 2013 and an average age of 39 years old, there is no better place to bring up a family than in Topeka. With Kansas’ Washburn University located just south of the College Hill neighborhood, costing only an average of $7,000 a year for local students, it’s an affordable college option for parents and with the University ranking at number 30 in US News Top 40 Public Universities it’s not a bad option at that. The University also came in the Top Ten of Central Midwest Universities

Did you also know that in 2010, Topeka was named one of the Top Ten places for this decade based on economic growth and prosperity by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine? A place for the future, indeed.

House prices average a very reasonable $95,000, and the typical commute being less than 15 minutes; that’s hard to beat. Professional Topeka Real Estate Agents with extensive knowledge of the area will be able to aid you in your search to find the home of your dreams. From the historic neighborhood of Potwin Place, known for its festive decorations during the holidays, to Collins Park neighborhood where every year people come from all over Topeka to celebrate in a giant Independence Day Party, there is a neighborhood in Topeka that’s just waiting to become your home. Get together with a Topeka Real Estate Agent who can help you find the perfect home for you.

Prices for detached properties in Topeka average around $115,000 whereas an apartment could cost only $50,000. Properties in Topeka range from Colonial Revival to Craftsman, from Prairie to Tudor, from Queen Anne to Italianate, to name but a few. No matter your budget or the style of home you are looking for, the right real estate agent will be able to help you find it in Topeka, Kansas.

Topeka Real Estate Market

When it comes to looking for a new home, the saying is true – “Location, location, location”. In Kansas, there are few better locations right now than Topeka. Not only do you have the benefit of lower home prices for fantastic houses, but the city offers a community you can be proud to be part of.

Topeka Homes

A Connected Community

Topeka offers a great deal to its community and takes pride in its arts and culture. A recent Artwalk and Art Crawl brought in $20m with $830,000 of that going to city revenue. Almost 650,000 people attended and this all lead to 480 sustained jobs. It is rare to find this information so readily available these days, but as you can see, the community is not just living in their homes in Topeka, but they are taking in the culture and community of Topeka.

A number of museums are also in Topeka such as the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, State Historical Society, Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn and a wide array of other attractions. Libraries give families, students, and individuals plenty to explore from traditional libraries to more specialized libraries such as the Washburn Law Library.

The city also makes sure to offer plenty of events for the community through the Shawnee County Parks and Recreation department. With 8k runs, Movie Under the Stars events and Smoke on the Water BBQ Competitions, you will have plenty of opportunities to get out and meet your neighbors and other community members.

A City on the Rise

Topeka is also working hard to ensure that the city does not let you down from aesthetics to services. With their 50/50 Sidewalk Repair initiative, Topeka is helping update and replace concrete and brick sidewalks by splitting the cost of repairs with property owners.

A Franchise Fee Credit Program also gives credit to homeowners for electric, gas, and water/waste. The earnings can be up to $175 per year per household to help reduce the cost of your annual bills.

Real Estate in Topeka

Topeka is also a safe city to live. With most types of crimes near the city including nothing more than theft, forgery or burglary, and on rare occasions at that, you can feel safe while you are exploring your new community.

Looking at reviews from parents about the schools in the area, both public and private, send a very positive not about the education system in the city. While many will look up school rankings, experienced parents tend to go by word of mouth or reviews from other parents. After all, looking at numbers and deciding if the school is right for your child is not as informative as getting word of mouth reviews from parents of students currently attending the school.

With average listing prices of $173,311 to $204,759 as of the time of this writing for the popular neighborhoods in Topeka, you aren’t just getting a great community with plenty of benefits, you are getting a great home at affordable prices. Topeka shines as a community focused city that hasn’t forgotten its roots but also has its eyes on the future.